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  • Aflakiosk is a mobile laboratory that provides quality testing services to all maize markets and suppliers in the country.
  • Aflakiosk is a fast, affordable, accurate, and free way to measure maize quality including quantitative levels of aflatoxin.

What We Do

  • We allow traders and farmers to determine the quality of their grain and potentially access premium markets where prices are higher.
  • Aflakiosk serves mainly in reducing consumption of aflatoxin-contaminated maize products affecting humans and livestock.
  • Aflakiosk puts in place a consistent supply of safe and affordable raw materials to food processing businesses while increasing the quantities of maize managed and stored under best practices.
  • By reconnecting maize to higher-value buyers, Aflakiosk helps improve market reliability, reduce costly imports, and incentive greater investments in the maize value chain, from yield improvement to production of new and nutritious maize-based food products

­Aflakiosk can test for

Quantitative afl­atoxin test; We do grading through examining a number of parameters including:

  • moisture content
  • pest damaged
  • immature grains
  • foreign matter
  • rotten grain
  • broken grain
  • discolored grain


Providing voluntary quality testing services, awareness, and capacity building for maize farmers and traders to allow them to understand the quality of the maize they are trading and enable them to access premium markets.


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