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“Research is a pathway for youth to learn, and come up with solutions for the development of their country.”

When asked what they value most about their work, research professionals at Vanguard Economics (VE) mention the sense of fulfilment it provides; hearing what people all over Rwanda have to say, and transforming this collated data into tools for decision making.

At VE, young research professionals are encouraged to lead projects, with a focus on the quality of work delivered, the relationship developed with the client, and their expectations.

The organisation’s culture, which encourages accountability, prepares staff to successfully navigate the field of research with emphasis placed on quality, context and being results driven.

They are given the opportunity to grow their skill set in project management, data collation and analysis, reporting, and presentation of findings.

Research entails learning how to elicit information from diverse groups of people, interpret data, be mindful of research objectives, and the role research plays in strategy and policy formation.

Over the last 9 years, VE has successfully carried out over 150 research projects, all of which have staffed young professionals who are enthusiastic about change within their communities and eager to devise homegrown solutions that advance the development of the country and region.

You can have a read of the reports and strategies we’ve worked on here:


Written by Cynthia Iradukunda

Edited by Yvonne Mwiza